Dietary + Behavioral Counseling

We offer both dietary and behavioral counseling in order to make your pet both well-behaved and well-nourished.

Dietary Counseling

Giving your pet his or her appropriate nutrition is essential in leading a long healthy life. We will provide guidance regarding your pet’s nutritional needs for each life stage by first analyzing your pet’s current food and diet. We then recommend dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance, so that your pet can lead a long healthy life.

Obesity is a very common problem for pets. Many owners show love to their pets by giving them too many treats and snacks and overfeed then when they beg. However, it must be understood that obesity can result in real health problems for pets, especially as they get older. If you suspect your pet is obese, bring him in and we will assess and recommend a dietary plan.

Certain medical conditions can be controlled with prescription diets. Pets with urinary or kidney problems, gastrointestinal conditions, obesity or allergies can benefit dramatically from appropriate diets. Dr. Porter may prescribe a specific diet for your pet and provide counseling on appropriate “treats” for their condition. Please let us know if your pet refuses to eat any recommended diet. They often come in different flavors and you can return what you tried for a different variety.

You should buy the best pet food you can afford. Pet food labels can be difficult to understand and decipher which brands are best for your pet. Some manufacturers of pet food use the optimal ingredients for their products but many others cut corners and provide what is essentially “junk food” for your pet. We recommend ROYAL CANIN and HILLS prescription and life stage diets.

Behavioral Counseling

If you think your pet has some bad habits, you’re not alone. Research has shown us that the number one underlying reason pets are given to shelters is because of a behavioral problem. But don’t give up on your pet! We are here to help you correct your pet’s undesirable behaviors. Sometimes, simple issues in behavior can spiral out of control and cause stress to both the owner and pet.

Our staff offers advice and behavior modification tips that will help to reestablish a rewarding friendship between you and your pet. We can provide advice regarding the correction of problems such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling and aggression.

Pets display disruptive behavior for many reasons. Like humans, phobias and psychological problems can also arise within your pet. Fear of strangers, fear of ringing doorbells and telephones, as well as depression or anxiety can cause your pet to act out in many strange or frustrating ways. These behaviors can also be a sign of underlying health issues. For example, your dog may begin to bite people out of fear when petted. This may not necessarily signify an anti-social or behavioral problem in your dog but could be an infected ear that hurts when touched.

Your cat may have begun to urinate throughout your house not because she is acting out, but because she is trying to tell you that she no longer likes the type of little that is used. Deciphering the root cause of your pet’s undesirable behavior is what we at Forte Animal Hospital do best.