Medical Boarding

Having a safe place for your pet to stay when you’re away is a huge relief, especially if your pet has a chronic or acute medical condition. If your pet requires special care from an experienced caregiver, we have knowledgeable and experienced staff that are more than capable of caring for your animal while you are gone.

If you go out of town, rest assured that your pet will have access to a full line of medical boarding services and urgent care. Many pets have certain special needs that require periodic observation from an attentive staff. These conditions include:

  • Diabetes
  • Incontinence
  • Arthritic or mobility conditions
  • Pets that require frequent and/or many different medications
  • Elderly pets

All you have to do is leave a detailed list of your pet’s specific needs, such as how many times to feed him, whether or not there is a special diet that has to be administered, etc. We pay close attention to your pet while he is in our care, monitoring his appetite, temperature, bowel movements, urinary habits, and general condition daily.

If your pet is undergoing surgery or has just gone through any medical procedure that requires an overnight stay, we will help your pet recover quickly and safely administer any necessary treatment. Immediately after surgery is typically when the risk of complications is highest, and pets may need the care and pain management control only skilled and well-trained veterinarian staff can provide.

You are absolutely free, and encouraged, to visit your pet while in our medical boarding facility.
And when your pet is released from our care, if you feel that you may not be able to assist or supervise your pet as much as he might require, we can keep him for as long as it is needed.

Our boarding facilities require that your pet have certain vaccinations in order to maintain the well being of all animals within our care. For dogs, vaccinations include distemper, rabies, and Bordetella. As for cats, feline distemper and rabies vaccines are required. Call us for more information.

For peace of mind, choose the safe, secure, and veterinary-supervised boarding at Forte Animal Hospital.