Does Your Pet Really Need a Microchip?

Nothing is scarier than losing your pet. Sure, he’s got a collar and tags, but what if that’s not enough? Collars can get lost or damaged and then how will you be contacted if someone finds your pet? Microchipping has quickly become the most effective option for recovery of lost animals and will surely give you more peace of mind if tragedy ever strikes.

Not only do microchips offer a permanent identification method, they cannot be lost or stop working. Microchips require no maintenance or batteries and last the life of your pet. If someone finds your lost pet, the chip can be used to locate you as soon as possible and return your pet home.

It’s sad to think about but many pets are stolen from yards and streets all the time. If your pet only has a collar and tags, the thief can simply remove them and then you have very little proof of the animal being yours. If someone claims your pet as their own, a microchip provides a way for you to prove that it is in fact your pet.

Microchips also come in handy for other cool things. For example, you can install a pet door in your home that is programed to recognize your pet’s microchip and let him in (and not the neighborhood raccoon).

Do not confuse microchips with GPS devices, they do not track your pet’s every move. Only someone with a pet microchip scanner can read the chip. This doesn’t mean that anyone with a scanner can find out your personal information. Far from it, the microchip only contains the pet’s ID number. The person who scans must then call the pet recovery service associated and provide them with the ID number so they can find your contact information on file and contact you. That way, your information stays secure and any stranger with a scanner can’t see your home address and phone number.

So many pets end up in shelters with no way for staff to find out who the owners are and contact them. The fact is that losing a pet is an unfortunate incident that can happen to any pet owner no matter how careful they are. Even if you have an indoor-only cat, they can always get the slip on you and you will rest easier knowing they can be more easily returned to you if located.