While the term ‘telehealth’ refers to all uses of technology to deliver health information or education, ‘telemedicine’ is the use of telecommunications to treat patients.

As technology improves and expands, so do the ways in which we can connect remotely with our patients. Feel free to visit our Facebook page, type up a question or video chat with us for professional advice from a licensed veterinarian. No more going to Dr. Google for veterinary advice, we offer our counseling to you directly.

Telemedicine works best when the veterinarian and patient have an existing relationship. Having prior knowledge of your pet’s medical history or current conditions help us to better diagnose, prescribe medication, or otherwise treat your animal through the internet. Your veterinarian is also readily available to your animal for a follow-up evaluation in person, if needed.

Implementing telemedicine in our practice helps us to improve efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining the high-quality care we provide to all of our patients. Sometimes animals get stressed out when traveling or being in an exam room. Cat owners especially tend to avoid veterinary clinics do to the intense resistance from their cats. Elderly pet owners may also find it hard to bring their pets in for regular veterinarian visits, as well as busy clients who have too many family and work obligations to consider before finding the time to visit the vet’s office.

Too many pet owners, for various reasons, do not make routine appointments with their local vets. Telemedicine takes much of the burden from these owners and gives them a convenient option to get the regular health care their pets deserve.

Not to take the place of in-person visits completely, telemedicine is simply a convenient and beneficial supplement we use to extend veterinary care, especially to those who do not typically receive routine care.